Black Horse Riding

Introduction: Black Horse riding is one of the most important sports activities, including the benefits and benefits of physical and mental, which is one of the most beautiful and wonderful sports exercised by man, it earns beauty and grace, in addition to it strengthens the lungs and blood purification. Learn to ride horses is above all a question of self-confidence , The knight must be sure of his energy and ability to deal with the horse and control it, and make him obey his orders. The coach must create the confidence required by his good looks, his voice and his behavior. He should be able to convey his knowledge to the beginner through simple and short expressions. Explaining success in riding learning lies in encouraging the skillful coach of his student. Overcome his fears and keep calm.

Our goals :

Create a suitable training and entertainment environment for all ages. Explore the cavalry skills and develop them and qualify them to participate in local and international tournaments. Maintaining the horse’s health and taking care of it at the shelter center.

Program of visits to schools and trips abroad :

We take pride in Black Horse to host groups of students of all ages in our center and provide special services by assigning a morning visit program as follows: Program time: 8 am to 11 am (3 hours). Program offers: Types of horses, types and categories. An educational section of equestrian tools, how to handle, clean and care for horses. Learn the fundamentals of horseback riding. Free passage to use the facilities of the center. Presenting souvenirs for visitors.

Our Services

We are at The Black Horse, with all the quality and professionalism, and the presence of trainers of both sexes with high efficiency and experience in equestrian, we provide the following services:


Hiding and caring for horses

At Black Horse Equestrian, we provide horseback riding, horseback riding .

Daily ride

We have the possibility of daily ride system hour or quota system “for all ages of both sexes”


At Black Horse Equestrian we train cavalry from beginner to advanced

Special day for ladies

Special day for training women with women’s work team. Special training for people with special needs is also available


At Black Horse Equestrian we offer courses in the basics of horse handling

The facilities

Coffee shop equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, modern horse ranches, horse rides, an play unit for children