About us

Al Tayseer Group is one of the leading Saudi companies specializing in urban development and real estate investment. Al Tayseer Group started its activities in 2003 and contributed to the development of large areas of land and converted into a residential sector and built a huge range of residential units of various types and achieved remarkable success as it became the best developer of high quality housing solutions on a level and in 2012 the company entered into a strong contracting and choice of work In the field of infrastructure contracting with roads, bridges and ferries. Thanks to God, a quantum leap has emerged in this context, where it has become one of the contractors who have a footprint in large government projects that will overshadow the overall performance.

Speech of the Chief Executive Officer

Praise be to “Allah” and blessing and peace be upon our prophet Mohammed,
his family and his companions.

It goes without saying that the construction industry today requires a new framework that comprises of innovative strategies and business approach in order to be competitive and sustainable in in the market. At Tayseer Co, we pay specific focus towards maintaining a dignified organization, straight forwardness, and accountability to our customers. Furthermore, from a technical perspective, wellbeing, safety, quality, and the environment are among the most vital concerns of Tayseer, which explains the quality campaigns and infrastructural upgrade that the firm conducted during this year. The company has a clear vision now linked to achieving the highest levels of professionalism in the field of technology through the recruitment of the best engineering and administrative staff to be the spearhead in activating the company’s plan. Moreover, we remain part of this country and our national vision in Saudi Arabia “Vision 2030” has inspired us to a great extent. The company will contribute to the prosperity of the national economy and promote the development of our children and our future society.

Eng. Abdulrahman H. Alqerbi
Group CEO