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In 2014, KIMS Food and Beverage Company was established in partnership with Saudi Arabia, with the opening of its first branch in the Tunisian capital to provide the best types of coffee and beverages with a high level of quality. After achieving outstanding success and ensuring the quality of work, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we are keen to offer the best and finest types of coffee and from which will be the starting point for the opening of the second branch during the year 2019 in Jeddah and the first branch in the English capital London to reach the number of 30 branches by 2022 around the world.

KIM'S Cafe

Our vision:

  • To be pioneers in the coffee industry and cafes.
  • Be an innovation model in service and quality.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of quality.
  • To represent, through our experience, the model of ambitious national companies capable of growing according to Vision 2030

 Our Values:

  • Devoting credibility and respect to all people, taking into account the Secretariat in all our dealings.
  • Share knowledge and experience in service with each other and with our guests.
  • The pursuit of mastery and professionalism in all our actions.
  • Our motto was Love and our guide to this Service with a Smile.

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